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Our Mission provides access to academic and professional success to learners across the Commonwealth by setting each student on a path to college and career success. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to future planning, YourPlanForTheFuture is tailored to meet the needs of the Commonwealth's diverse student and workforce populations. The benefits to students and teachers are plentiful, whether it's a student from an urban, rural, or suburban community trying to navigate the college enrollment process or a student with vocational, technical, or agricultural training looking to enter the workforce.

Who We Are

YourPlanForTheFuture is the state's no-cost, one-stop online shop for students, parents, and educators designed to help Massachusetts students manage their educational and career pathways. YourPlanForTheFuture has been adopted by more than 71 high schools, representing more than 37,000 students from all corners of the Commonwealth. Leveraging technologies and online user experiences intuitive to students of today, YourPlanForTheFuture centralizes all the key planning elements of a student's educational career, including interactive planning tools, personal portfolio development, and key milestone reminders such as college application and financial aid deadlines.

What We Do

YourPlanForTheFuture serves as the "connective tissue" of Massachusetts college and career planning, supporting initiatives from across the state's Higher Education and Elementary and Secondary Education departments — both of whom have collaborated on the portal's development and continue to strategically guide the direction of YourPlanForTheFuture. Day-to-day operations of the Commonwealth's portal are managed by the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA).

Through the Commonwealth's and MEFA's leadership, YourPlanForTheFuture has established Massachusetts as a national leader in college and career planning. While nearly all states have informational college planning web sites, YourPlanForTheFuture was the first portal in the nation to integrate directly with multiple information systems, powering real-time access to critical information by students, families, and school users alike. The portal serves as a tremendous resource for schools across the Commonwealth and is leveraged extensively by guidance staff for the completion of time-dependent college and career planning tasks with students.

In early 2011, MEFA extended the YourPlanForTheFuture offering to schools by developing a comprehensive school support model. Providing dedicated implementation, training, and ongoing utilization support to high schools that have implemented YourPlanForTheFuture as their primary college and career planning engine, the YourPlanForTheFuture Implementation & Success Team is committed to ensuring that each and every student at schools across the state is poised for post-secondary success.

Looking Ahead

To ensure that Massachusetts and YourPlanForTheFuture continue to lead the nation, the portal is slated to introduce additional functionality and capabilities that will further increase the benefits for users. For example, the integration of interactive career profiles spotlighting Massachusetts employers will enable students to understand how their educational paths can turn into careers. Additional functionality is also planned to serve the Commonwealth's adult learner population, fulfilling the Commonwealth's mission to reach all learners within Massachusetts.

What They're Saying

"GEAR UP Massachusetts provides college access services to more than 7,000 low-income students throughout the state with YPFF being an integral partner in the success of our program."

Director, GEAR UP Massachusetts

"Students must be “future ready” whether they are seeking further education or a job after high school. Your Plan for the is the tool that can help them prepare for success."

Executive Director, Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

"We are utilizing YPFF as a building block and key tool that is supporting our students in their pursuance of a path to career and college planning during their high school years."

GEAR UP Program Coordinator
Humanities & Leadership Development High School, Lawrence