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Workforce Development

Massachusetts has one of the world's most diverse and innovative economies — driven by technology, health care, financial services, and higher education amongst other key sectors. In recent years, the Commonwealth has been heralded as having the most dynamic innovation economy in the country, with the Milken Institute ranking Massachusetts first in its State Technology and Science Index in every index released since 2002.

Massachusetts companies were first to deliver radar, the mutual fund, and even email. Today, our economy, driven by its resident workforce, is hard at work developing the next generation of innovations in biotechnology, medical research, robotics, mobile technology, social media, manufacturing, renewable energy, accounting, and more. However, Massachusetts' long-term success is predicated on the preparation of tomorrow's talent today. YourPlanForTheFuture is a critical tool for cultivating a pipeline filled with the skilled talent and volume needed to fill the jobs of tomorrow, laying the groundwork for post-secondary prosperity for all residents.

For students, YourPlanForTheFuture provides an intuitive and interactive way to identify the education and skill requirements necessary for success in Massachusetts' economy. Some students will leverage YourPlanForTheFuture to jump-start their post-secondary career by preparing for a job in a trade field; others will use its technology to identify the majors that will allow them to achieve their career goals and research the colleges offering these majors.

Today, YourPlanForTheFuture is the Commonwealth's one-stop shop for college and career planning, but this is just the beginning. Leaders from the public and private sectors continue to collaborate on ways that YourPlanForTheFuture can create additional student awareness of the connectivity between K–12 studies and post-secondary success. The creation of interactive profiles highlighting the breadth of Massachusetts employers and the opportunities they provide is just one way state leaders may leverage YourPlanForTheFuture to help students contextualize and understand how their education pathways evolve into careers.

For more information on the Massachusetts economy or workforce, please visit the state's Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development or the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

What They're Saying

"Life science companies, when they choose to come to Massachusetts, it's always because of the quality of the workforce that we have here."

Bob Coughlin
President, MassBIO

"We have defense security software, clean energy technology, robotics, nanotechnology, life sciences. And there is no limit to where our innovation borders are going and that's in large part driven by the cluster of universities that support that sort of development process, the process of innovation, the funding sources that are here and then the tremendous density of scientists and engineers that make up the innovation workforce."

Christopher Anderson
President, Massachusetts High Technology Council

"Massachusetts continued its reign as the leader in technology and science…Massachusetts is a breeding ground of research with world-renowned universities and cutting-edge firms fueling its economy."

Milken Institute 2010 State Technology & Science Index