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Looking for an online, one-stop-shop to support your specific college and career-planning needs? Wishing you could share your progress with family and mentors?

Well, this is it!

YourPlanForTheFuture was built by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to make sure all of its students have the opportunity to prepare for life after high school and become the best-educated citizens and workforce in the nation. It's true. You're that important to the future of Massachusetts. That's why this interactive college and career planning site is just for you.

Activating your student account is free and easy. It's never too early to get started!

College and career planning, what's that?

For one, it's not as complicated as it sounds. It's simply the process of exploring what you like, what you dislike, your values, your long-term goals, and everything in between in order to figure out what it all means for your future. You might even learn something about yourself that you never even imagined.

YourPlanForTheFuture is a place where students from across Massachusetts — and that includes you! — begin planning for college and career by:

  • EXPLORING your interests and potential
  • LEARNING why your interests and goals matter
  • MANAGING your education and career goals, and
  • BUILDING a plan to successfully achieve your goals

It's all online. It's all interactive. And, it's all about you.

OK, but when am I supposed to do it?

NOW! Everyone knows that what you do in high school affects what you can achieve in the future, but did you know that knowledge and skills you acquire as early as 7th and 8th grade also factor into this equation? Math for example: research shows that students taking algebra and geometry by the end of 8th and 9th grades are better prepared for technology and engineering fields (BTW: this includes new-school jobs like video gaming and green technologies, plus old-school scientists and programmers). The sooner you explore what your future could look like, the sooner you'll know how to get (and stay) on track!


Right here at YourPlanForTheFuture! Wherever and whenever you are online, navigate to YourPlanForTheFuture and easily:

  • CREATE your personal portfolio to keep track of things like activities, community service, honors, and awards.
  • INVENTORY yourself to reveal skills and interests you might have never known you had.
  • PREFER bubbling streams over bustling streets? Search more than 4,300 colleges based on your personal preferences and achievements.
  • COLLABORATE with your parents, mentors, and counselors by sharing your profile and planning progress.

Activate your student account today!

What They're Saying

"YourPlanForCollege is a tool to help you think about what you might want to do, what kind of preparation, what kind of education will best position you to have an opportunity to pursue the careers that we talk about. This is the time to do it. This is a great project."

Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education

"YPFF has allowed us to guide students through the career and college planning process within the pages of this one site. This resource continues to serve as the foundation of how we facilitate guiding our students past their high school."

Graduation Facilitator
New Bedford High School

"YourPlanForCollege makes it easier, really. Just helps more kids get it done."

Daniel Pinho
Everett High School Student

"We are utilizing YPFF as a building block and key tool that is supporting our students in their pursuance of a path to career and college planning during their high school years. "

GEAR UP Program Coordinator
Humanities & Leadership Development High School, Lawrence

Cool Tools to Get It Done!

  • Interactive inventories and interviews
  • College and career profiles and videos
  • Goal management tools and reminders
  • Auto-resume builder
  • Career -and course- planning worksheets
  • PSAT and SAT practice tests
  • Application, essay, and document management
  • Scholarship and aid search
  • Parent, mentor, and counselor "Connections"